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Frequently asked questions

About Us

What kind of Online Retail Business are you?

We are a dropshipping business.

What do we sell?

Quality TV and Film Genre Fan Merchandise.

What TV and Film Genre Collections do we have?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and Supernatural.

Our Business/Site Information

Business Name: Ipurgatory, LLC Website: Email:

How do I contact you?

You can email us at or click on "Contact Us" button above the page - below the banner.


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a store uses the supplier to directly ship to the customer.

Why did my order come in multiple packages?

Since we are a dropshipping business, some customers may receive their order in multiple packages if their purchases are coming from more than one supplier.

Why did I receive multiple tracking numbers and/or shipping notifications?

Since we are a dropshipping business, some customers may receive multiple tracking numbers and notifications if their order has more than one supplier.

I haven't received my product nor received a shipment notification.

We do not have control of when a supplier can complete your order. We can only investigate the issue and contact them. Note: Due to COVID, we do ask to be patient with suppliers who may be running on restricted hours and employees.

My package has been shipped but I haven't received it in some time.

We do not have control of any of the postal services. Some packages may be delayed due to COVID affecting facility restricted employees and hours. However, we will be happy to contact the supplier on your behalf to investigate the situation.


What is your return policy?

You have 30 days to inform Ipurgatory, LLC of an issue. Depending on the situation, we may have to go by the Supplier's return policy first.

I received my product but it was damaged?

If you open your package and your product is damaged, reach out to us. We will contact the supplier for a solution.

My product broke within the 30 day time limit, what are my options?

If your product broke before the time limit, reach out to us. We will contact the supplier for a solution.

You sent me the wrong product.

If the incorrect product was sent, we will see who it was at fault: Supplier's Fault: We will work on getting a refund or the correct one sent to you. Our (Ipurgatory LLC)'s Fault: We will either issue you a refund or resend you the correct one.

Do I pay for the return label?

If we ask you to return the product, the options are below: Supplier's fault: Based off of their policies. Us (Ipurgatory LLC)'s fault: We pay for the return label and email it to you.

Why do you have to go by the Supplier's policy first?

Because we are a dropshipping business, we are in the hands of the Supplier when it comes to returns of sales and goods.

I received my order, but I'm missing a product or multiples.

If you're missing a product or multiple items, we will investigate the situation and will find a solution for you.


How do I know if I've been scammed?

If you think you've been scammed, here are some of the symptoms: - You may not have received a confirm email or sms notification of your order. - You may not have received a shipping notification with or without a tracking number. - You may not receive a reply back on your emails. - You may receive emails concerning a possible refund, but it never showed up.

What's the best way to confirm?

There isn't one solution for everything but you can definitely take the following steps to see if you had been scammed: 1. Look at your Junk Mail to see if you received any emails from the company. They may be trying to reach out to you. 2. Check Google and Facebook Reviews (go by current and within the last few months).

How do I get my money back?

If you think or know for sure you were scammed, go to your bank or credit card company and submit a fraudalent claim.

Scammed dropshipping companies (supernatural only) list.

  • Bodibuds - confirmed.
  • Supernatural-Stuff - Unknown.
    • There have been multiple reports of not receiving any products and emails. However, this could also be due to poor management and COVID issues.
  • Supernatural-Things - Unknown.
    • There have been multiple reports of not receiving any products and emails. However, this could also be due to poor management and COVID issues.

And how do we know you're not one?

This is why we are not one:

  • We are a corporated LLC (Limited Liability Company). You can find our business name under the business search in Oregon.
  • We will always call our customers Ipurgatory Family. Not SPN Family or anything.
  • Our company is from Oregon not Iceland or anywhere else.
  • Our emails come from Mail Chimp and shortly transferring to Wix/Ascend Emails/Chats.
  • We will always reply to you and follow through.
Our business info is Ipurgatory, LLC and our website is

Products & Pricing

My product may be coming from another site?

We are not associated with supernatural-stuff or supernatural-things. To confirm what site you purchased your products, you can look on the order page and above in the address line will tell you the site address. Ours is

Why are your prices seem a little higher than most Supernatural Products?

Our products are higher-quality and come from the U.S. which can be more expensive than getting them overseas.

So your products are from U.S. Suppliers?

Yes. We want to support our U.S. Economy. If we use an outside company, this may mean they have a product that no one else can make or is of better quality.

I noticed there are notices in the Product Page?

We have Info Section now in the product page below "add cart". This is to provide addtitionl information concerning the product. We have:

  • Return Policy is to remind people how long they have to notify us of any issues.
  • Outside of the U.S. Suppliers is to notify you that this product is being made and shipped from outside of the U.S. and may take longer than normal to receive it.

My Account

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your orders by going to your Account > My Orders. If you do not have an account:

  • You can create one
  • Contact us via Chatbox
  • Contact us via
  • Contact us via "About Us" > "Contact Us" Button.

How do I create an Account

Click "Sign In" or "Create Account" on the top right to the left of the Cart Icon and follow the prompts.

What do I get out of creating a free account?

By creating an account for free, you can do the following:

  • Save your payment information.
  • Save your shipping/billing information.
  • Check the status of your order.

I had an account before, why do I need to create a new one?

We moved to a new platform. And in order to clean house, we decided it was best for customers to create a new account with us. However, we will be keeping the old ones in the old platform just in case we need to access it.

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