Holy Water isn't just for Demons!

Hey everyone! Ipurgatory LLC wants to take a step back from the world of Supernatural and other Films/TVs and express the importance it is to keep yourself hydrated if you're in a fellow climate of summer heat!

  1. Obviously drink plenty of water! No matter the version, you can't beat the original - Water!

  2. Eating light snacks that are filled watery goodness such as Watermelon! Yum!! Over eating or eating heavy foods can make you feel dehydrated and bloated during the summer time.

  3. BEWARE the signs!! If you feeling nauseated, fatigued, and having dizzy spells; these are the common signs you could be dehydrated.

  4. If this happens:

  5. Stop with what you're doing.

  6. Find a cool shading place.

  7. Open your collar and make sure your body doesn't have any tight spots that can help reduce circulation.

  8. If you have access to ice, ice packs, or even a cold wet cloth; use it in the back of your neck.

  9. Drink lots of water!

Stay hydrated Ipurgatory Family Members!


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